PUBG GLOBAL v4.0.0 Update (APK + OBB ) File Download Link

Hello everyone! PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been a pioneer in the battle royale genre, captivating millions of players worldwide. With each new release, PUBG introduces exciting new features, maps, and gameplay mechanics. The latest update, PUBG 4.0, is a significant milestone, promising thrilling experiences that push the boundaries of survival gaming. So, let’s jump in and get started!

PUBG GLOBAL v4.0.0 Update Info

Game Version4.0.0
PUBG GLOBAL 4.0 Release DateMar 2024
Official Websitepubg global

Top features in PUBG Global 4.0

Here are the top features to look out for in the Global 4.0 update:

1. Revamped Maps

  • Erangel Redux: The iconic Erangel map receives a facelift, blending nostalgia with fresh design elements. Explore revamped towns, military bases, and lush landscapes.
  • Miramar Overhaul: The desert battleground now boasts improved terrain, urban areas, and hidden secrets. Prepare for intense firefights across its arid expanse.

2. Dynamic Weather

  • Seasonal Changes: PUBG 4.0 introduces dynamic weather patterns. From sunny days to torrential rainstorms, adapt your strategy based on the elements.
  • Snowstorms: In Vikendi, blizzards reduce visibility, challenging your survival instincts.

3. Advanced Weapon Customization

  • Gunsmith: Customize your weapons like never before. Modify attachments, stocks, and barrels to suit your playstyle.
  • Unique Skins: Collect rare weapon skins and show off your style on the battlefield.

4. New Vehicles

  • Hoverbike: Zip across terrains with the futuristic hoverbike. It’s fast, agile, and perfect for evading enemies.
  • Armored SUV: Team up with your squad and roll out in the heavily armored SUV, providing cover and firepower.

5. Survival Challenges

  • Resource Scarcity: PUBG 4.0 emphasizes survival. Ammo, meds, and supplies are scarce. Make every bullet count.
  • Base Building: Construct makeshift shelters using salvaged materials. Defend against rival squads and the environment.

6. Improved Movement Mechanics

  • Climbing: Scale cliffs, buildings, and obstacles. Gain tactical advantages by reaching vantage points.
  • Swimming: Dive into lakes, rivers, and oceans. Stealthily approach enemies or escape danger.

7. Night Mode

  • Pitch-Black Battles: Engage in heart-pounding night battles. Use flashlights, night vision goggles, and suppressed weapons.


1.What is the release date of PUBG Mobile 4.0?

March 2024

2.Is VPN necessary to play PUBG Mobile 4.0 Update?

No, the VPN is required only for downloading resource files

3.What are the new features in PUBG Mobile 4.0?

The PUBG Mobile 4.0 update brings several notable features and improvements

4.How Can I Update PUBG GLOBAL?

You Can Update PUBG GLOBAL Via Their Offical Website / Playstore


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